Unveiling Pancreatic Cancer

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AI Module That Helps Doctors

PANCREASaver identifies missed pancreatic cancer, accurately differentiates subjects with or without pancreatic cacer on CT, and indicates the location of the tumor without requiring manual image labeling or preprocessing.

CADe Tool for Pancreatic Cancer

AI Annotation

The suspicious regions in the pancreas are annotated for further review with the original image for comparison when the patient is determined as having pancreatic cancer.

Positive or Negative

On the user interface, the column on the right shows positive and negative cases with red and green light. Red light indicates positive cases and green light represents negative.

Pancreatic Cancer: The Invisible Killer

Pancreatic cancer (PC) is the most lethal cancer and ranks as the seventh and third leading cause of cancer deaths in Taiwan and the US, respectively. Early detection is vital, because the 5 year survival rate after surgery drops from 80% to 20% once the tumor grows beyond 2 cm. Computed tomography (CT) is the major tool for detecting PC, but approximately 40% of tumors less than 2 cm are missed on CT. Therefore, an effective tool to enhance detection for PC is an urgent unmet clinical need.

A Crucial Tool for Radiologists and Patients

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Principal Investigators

Professor Weichung Wang

National Taiwan University

Dr. Wei-Chih Liao

National Taiwan University Hospital

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